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ODOO IS an All-In-One CRM and ERP System.

Complete accounting software package integrating with all your internal operations

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* additional fees for Keypay Payroll Modules, all prices in AU, excluding taxes.

* additional fees for Keypay Payroll Modules, all prices in AU, excluding taxes.

* additional fees for Keypay Payroll Modules, all prices in AU, excluding taxes.

Complete Odoo accounting software package

Full control of your business accounting data

Using the latest Google Material Design trend, Dimension3’s Odoo accounting package is a beautiful intuitive user-friendly application, with fast and modern technology that your users will love. With the addition of automation capabilities Odoo’s accounting will increase your business performance, eliminating the need to create manual invoices or to print and send them. Registering bank statements, payment follow-ups are just a few benefits of a fully automated system, saving you and your employees time.

odoo accounting
Odoo Accounting Mobile

Save Time

With an easy setup process, the accounting application can be configured and ready quickly to run your accounting and customer and supplier invoices management, with automated capabilities for banking interfacing using artificial intelligence third-party invoices entries accounting module maximises your bookkeeping and accounting time.

Get Paid Faster

With a fully native system from quotes to sales and all the way to invoicing and bank reconciliation, you can get paid faster using a vast range of payment integrations including the biggest secure payment gateways such as PayPal, E-way, Stripe and much more.


Manage Customer & Vendor Invoices

Take advantage of the fully integrated accounting invoice management, from draft invoices to partial payment capabilities, the accounting module  fully features an easy user-friendly way to administrate customers and supplier invoices.

Easy Bank Reconciliation

The accounting application offers a range of bank integrations, including an easy to use importing process. Have your bank statements imported to the system to make an easy and efficient bank reconciliation process, saving time and resources allocation.

Multi-Company and Currency

Fully developed to work with multi-company and multi-currency operations, providing scalability for independent companies management and administration, you can operate multi-companies with independent accounting reports and analytics in multi-currency or a single one.

Analytic Accounting

Odoo analytic accounting is structured automatically with your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments and others. Distribute one accounting entry into multiple analytic accounts by using analytics tags and flexible distribution. Benefit from comprehensive analytic reports based on your specific operations.

Legal Statements

The accounting application has all the legal reports and statements required by Australian accounting standards, from GST statements, Profits & Losses with a extend variety of other accounting reports to support cash flow management and administration.

See All Applications included In Your Package

All packages includes all your operation applications with an all-in-one business solution suite

CRM Sales

Manage all your team sales leads and pipelines within a fully integrated suite from negociation stage to closed deal

Human Resources

human resources & payroll

Integrated Human resources suite, helping you manage your employees linked to one of the best payroll solutions in Australia

Stock Inventory

Manage and control your inventory stock with native integration with purchases and sales, real time stock and more

Purchases Management

Send request for quotation to your suppliers and manage your procurement process fully integrated with your stock

website builder

Build and maintain your own website with easy and user-friendly website builder integrated with all your internal operation


Sell online on your own webstore or in multi-channels like Amazon, E-bay with fully integrated e-commerce application

Compatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required.

Laptops | Desktop Pc’s | POS Hardware | Tablets

POS HardWare 01
POS HardWare


Get online payment gateways

Save time linking to your delivery services

Need Point Of Sales?

Desktop PC & Laptop

Running your shop in your browser on your PC or Laptop is the cheapest and most flexible option. USB barcode scanners are natively supported. Receipts can be printed on any thermal or inkjet printer compatible with your web browser. Extra hardware such as weighing scales or ESC/POS printers can be used with the PosBox.

Tablet (iOS and Android)

Tablets take up a lot less space, have easy to use touchscreens and are light enough to be portable giving you the option to freely move around your shop or to secure your tablet on a stand at your front desk. Of all stands and tablets on the market we recommend the iPad Air 2 and the  Heckler Design Windfall Stand.

Industrial Touchscreen

Hard to break and steal, industrial touchscreens are the perfect solution for shops and restaurants with a high volume of staff and customers. Odoo POS industrial touchscreens are compatible with the same peripherals as Laptops & PCs.

The cross-platform hardware solution.

What is the PosBox?

The PosBox is a small device that allows you to use the same industry standard USB POS peripherals on every device (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android ). Not only does it makes the setup easier, it actually lowers your costs.

Easy to setup

Plug your peripherals to the PosBox, connect it to your local network, and you are done. Restart your Odoo POS, and your peripherals are ready to use.

Open source hardware

The PosBox is based on the Raspberry-Pi platform and is made of Open Source Software and Hardware. You can buy it from us, or you can build your own.

Lower your costs

The downside of iPad’s and Android tablets as a POS device is the lack of USB connections, you need to buy specific Apple-certified bluetooth peripherals. Those are much more expensive than their industry-standard USB equivalent. By letting you use those less expensive peripherals with a Tablet, your costs are greatly reduced.

Much more than CRM & Sales

Say no to complex integration, integrate your retail shop solution with all your company departments using native modules with no need for complicated and costly API integration. More than 3000 application modules available

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 15 day trial work?

We provide 15 days of free access to our system. No commitments, no credit card or payment information required. 

If I need a customized solution?

Contact Us. Our friendly team can easily customize to attend your business needs. Change workflows and add new fuctions to the system.

How does the new TRIAL account registration work?

Upon your registration form submission, one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to finalise the registration process. The system access would follow 24 Hours after the completion of your registration.

Does the price include hardware?

No, your subscription does not include hardware costs. Pre-owned hardware may be compatible and work, talk to us for more details.

Is there any long term contract?

No long term contract, you can pay monthly after the trial period expires. You can cancel anytime.

If I need an accounting integration?

You can start to use the built-in system accounting module Australian ready, or we can integrate with your current accounting system (MYOB/XERO).

If I need an E-commerce or online shop?

The system has its own E-commerce module that is already installed and configured on any of our Dimension3 System standard software packages — no needs for extra painful coslty and complicated integration.

Can you do the full system implementation and train my staff?

Yes, we can deliver the full system implementation and training, please contact us for more details.