Odoo Case Study

Company Name: The Phoenix Cups – Australia
Date: Oct 2019
Website: https://phoenixcups.com.au

Industry: Coaching and Mentoring Training
Apps Implemented: Sales, CRM, Events, Accounting, Inventory, Project, Purchases, Website, eCommerce, E-mail Marketing, Quiz

Number of Users: 05 Users

Online Users: 10K +

Implemented By: Dimension3 Systems

About The Phoenix Cups

As human beings, we all have needs that need to be met. When they aren’t met, life doesn’t function the way it should. Our behaviour changes, our mood is affected, and we often feel unfulfilled.

The Phoenix Cups Framework will help you understand how to meet your most important life needs, and the needs of those around you, by discovering what Cups you need to keep full, how they influence behaviours, and how you can use them to build relationships in all aspects of life.

Take the Phoenix Cups quiz to determine your unique needs profile (the different sizes of your Cups), and gain insight into how to make life’s basic human needs work for you to live the life you deserve.


Why Odoo?

Already using Odoo for the Phoenix Support for Educators business, there were absolutely no doubts that Odoo would be the ultimate ERP & CRM solution for this new exciting project call the Phoenix Cups.

On top of the usual business, requirements to use CRM, Sales, purchases, stock management, events management, website, and e-Commence platform, the Phoenix Cups project had a new exciting feature requirement.

The Phoenix Cups’ mission was to offer a digital, user-friendly framework to support the understanding of how human beings’ needs must be met in order to influence positive behaviour and help to increase personal fulfillment goals. As primary support resource material for the behaviour concepts, Chris Phoenix has launched his brand new book “The Phoenix Cups” that would be promoted and sold on the same Quiz solution online user interface on The Phoenix Cups website and e-Commence platform.

The idea was to develop an online platform with a sharp, beautiful branding image that users could have real-time interaction to find their personality trends and personal profile among five pre-defined major profile templates. The challenge was to create a brand-new solution and interactive user interface in a Quiz format with more than 30 questions and linking the user’s profile based on the user’s specific answers.

As a critical project outcome requested to our development team would be that the Quiz results should make sense for individual users that are seeing their findings and could easily reveal their results that match with their personality trends.

Another essential feature of the Phoenix Cups Quiz was the reporting capabilities that should be able to provide the Phoenix Cups Team with great insight and vision of their leading public and desirable audience.


Implementation Results

Covering the complete internal business operational workflow as well as the online user front-end with website & e-Commerce, CRM all the way up to order delivers, Odoo implementation and development was exactly what the Phoenix Cups Team was expecting a “Great Success.”

Leading to the Phoenix Cups book official launching date, the new innovated Quiz was realized for Phoenix Support social media audience that responded with more than 5K hits to the Phoenix Cups website in a matter of hours.

By the end of the same week, the numbers were staggering, hitting 10K visitors with 8.5 K Quiz processed delivering the results to users in an amazing personalized PDF document.

The great Quiz success had a tremendous positive impact on users that were amazed by the Quiz results helping to promote and sell the primary support resource “The Phoenix Cups Book” On the official launching week new audiences engaged all over Australia as well as overseas.

Odoo and Dimension3 expertise have once more hit the spot delivering an innovated customized All-In-One solution.

Planning the future, The Phoenix Cups Team are looking to increase and update their platform by adding more specific questions to the Quizzes that will be used as a team management and builder tool for Business’s and Corporation work environments, helping HR teams to promote, organize and manage their teams for a better work environment aiming towards performance and revenue increases.

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