Odoo Case Study

Company Name: Trailer Spare Parts – Australia
Date: Jun 2014
Website: https://trailerspareparts.net.au

Industry: Manufacturing & Wholesales
Apps Implemented: Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory, Ponit Of Sales, Purchases, PLM, Website
Number of Users: 12 Users

Implemented By: Dimension3 Systems

About Trailer Spare Parts Australia

Trailer Spare Parts Australia, is based in Brisbane, Queensland, and the staff of Trailer Spare Parts Australia have been supplying trailer parts since 2011. During that time have demonstrated the ability to continually satisfy customer expectations.

With a team that has worked in the trailer manufacturing industry we are well qualified to assist you in purchasing the right components and the quantities you will need.The range of products we supply is one of the most comprehensive in Australia,

One of the major aspects of our company’s philosophy is summed up in the words, CUSTOMER SERVICE.

This means we will work with you before, during and even after the sales process, if necessary. It is this type of service that completely satisfies our customers.
Trailer parts buyers are looking for a company that listens to their needs and responds with the best solutions.


Why Odoo?

With a manufacturing wholesaler business profile, Trailer Spare Parts Australia were utilizing a variety of independent, unintegrated standalone solutions to manage their customer relationships, procurement process, MRP manufacturing, stock inventory management, in-house store, accounting, and online shopping sales.

The previous system setup was in a complicated mixed arrangement between in-house hosted applications and other cloud-based solutions, adding even more difficulty to the massive number of daily operations.

The previous CRM system was not up to the challenge of delivering a massive product listing with different customer pricing lists according to customer type, customer location, and supplier price variations. Another CRM problem was the quoting process that was very time consuming as users had to enter products line by line, lacking the ability to pre-set quotes templates that would improve the sales team performance.   

The sales on the in-house shop were performed without the use of a Point of Sales system, forcing users to use the limited CRM application to record customer sales, which meant that a sales operation that could be processed in second was taking a couple of minutes each time a new customer stepped into the store.

The previous system was not managing the manufacturing process correctly addressing the manufacture orders as per sold quantities; also the previous system setup was not running the bill of materials correctly making it almost impossible to have a precise stock inventory count, causing serious delivery problems due to the lack of stock quantity to commit to the confirmed sales orders.

The online shopping was not integrated with any of the internal applications, and every single online order had to be entered into the previous CRM manually. As a consequence, on a non-real-time stock inventory management, multiple sales orders had to be put in backorders, which generated even more work.

Knowing the urgent need for change, Trailer Spare Part Australia management team had approached several ERP/CRM vendors trying to implement a solution that would integrate their business operations in an all-in-one system solution. However, the implementation costs were too high, and even then, some of the presented solutions would still not deliver the level of integration and automation required for the job. 

At that stage, Trailer Spare Parts Australia were presented with a compressive unified solution by Dimension3 using Odoo All-In-One platform with an outstanding cost reduction for implementation and ongoing support, convincing the management team that Odoo was the right tool for the business.


Implementation Results

The implementation was divided into stages to achieve each of the specific goals defined in the initial project roadmap.

As the first objective, taking control of the stock inventory management, to ensure the order fulfillment and customer delivery timing were fulfilled.

Addressing the required essential controls with the implementation of an efficient stock level controls routine using automated re-ordering rule triggers combined with a proper ERP bill of materials – BOM to manage the manufacturing orders as well the control of material and consumable products utilized on the manufacturing process.

Following the stock inventory management and taking total control over the production line operations, another project objective was to address the need for an efficient and fast CRM sales process.

Using a quote template feature to resolve the problem with sales orders with a high number of products and services, now a quote is done in seconds and automatically sent to the customer via built-in CRM e-mail features.

Another significant milestone to the project success was the automation added to the system sales process, which was the direct manufacturing ordering routine triggered by sales orders, including manufactured items that were not available in stock at the moment of the sales order confirmation.

The introduction of the new point of sales application for the in-house shop, with native integration with stock inventory and Odoo accounting system, including a barcode labelling application ensuring that all items in the shop would be correctly labelled before the sales operation was processed, giving an end result that was ten times faster with the new POS system.

Finally, with all internal operations running as expected, with efficient and precise stock inventory management, the online shopping integration was performed, linking the internal operations to online users.

Odoo All-In-One solution and Dimension3 expertise have revolutionized the business attending a complex workflow covering 85% of overall business software needs with little customization from an out-of-the-box package.

Since the Go Live date in 2015, Trailer Spare Parts Australia has sales growth of 400%, and with business growth prediction of 39% per year, Odoo implementation was not only an absolute success but also an essential tool supporting business expansion.

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