Odoo Case Study

Company Name: Quality Products – Australia
Date: Jan 2019
Website: https://www.qualityproducts.com.au

Industry: Import / Wholesale / Distribution of gardening tools gifts & accessories
Apps Implemented: eCommerce, Accounting, Inventory, Sales, POS
Number of Users: 12 Users

Implemented By: Odoo SA

About Quality Products

Quality Products is an Australian importer, wholesaler, and distributor for a number of premium brands such as Burgon & Ball and Haws; two of England’s longest running and highest regarded garden tool manufacturers. 
Their products are available through an extensive network of gift stores, garden centers, department stores, corporate catalogs, and direct marketing companies across Australia and New Zealand. 

They are inspired and passionate about quality and their products demonstrate the highest standards in design and manufacture. Established in 1997, Quality Products has introduced exceptional products and brands that lead the market rather than follow or copy.


Why Odoo?

Odoo was the solution of choose to address a combination of obstacles

A third party accounting software was being used beyond its limits to manage leads, customers, sales, issues.

The website was disconnected from inventory, not integrated to the accounting system, could only serve B2C orders, and created duplication issues across customers, products, images, orders, and pricing.

Significant marketing fees did not effectively target B2B customers and establish broad B2C branding & awareness, not to mention provide adequate campaign management with traceability to expenditure

Multiple Word documents were used for a variety of product catalogs, pricing structures, vendor purchases, and customer orders which created considerable re-work, confusion, and many inconsistencies

Printed order books used at trade shows had no visibility of stock levels, orders, or incoming shipments and were generally illegible when different people tried to quickly write down customer orders or capture lead information.

Implementation Results

Odoo Point of Sale was customized to present current and incoming inventories and create confirmed sales orders, so staff could quickly and accurately take orders at trade shows and at customer offices 

Odoo Website builder was customized to enable B2C & B2B product catalogs, pricing, ordering, and delivery processing as well as eCommerce payment via the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and tailored wholesale business registration for retailers

Odoo Purchase has allowed completing integration and visibility.  When products are entered into Odoo, purchasing information is included so that when a purchase order is raised, the purchase price, minimum quantities etc are carried through.  Delivery of goods can be receipted with ease from the Shipment that is generated from the purchase order and then an Invoice can be raised from the receipted goods 

Odoo Mass Mailing is integrated so that you can filter and target specific customer segments with a ‘Newsletter’ produced with user-friendly drag and drop elements. Specific information on the reception of the newsletter is available as well as being able to include in a broader campaign.  

The most noticeable impact from a revenue and cash flow perspective is the incredible shortening of the sales cycle.  What once took weeks of mailing out catalogs and pricing sheets to receiving an order is now done in minutes.  A potential supplier can now provide information online and Quality Products sets them up in their system and give them access to the Odoo portal which allows them to view all of the products at the appropriate pricing and purchase and pay online.  

The integrated website allows Customers to see what’s available and shop at their convenience while the business can operate from a single, easy to use, system which offers the processes, capabilities, and scalability typically only available to large corporates. It does add substantial value to sales and profits gaining.

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