Odoo Case Study

Company Name: Forge Plumbing – Australia
Date: Dec 2023
Website: https://forgeplumbing.com.au/

Industry: Plumbing Supplies Wholesaler
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, eCommerce, Accounting, Custom B2B Portal
Number of Users: 16 Users

Implemented By: Dimension 3 Systems

About Forge Plumbing

Established in 2018, Forge Plumbing has quickly become a leading direct-to-contractor supplier of plumbing products in Australia. With a unique and forward-thinking business model that eliminates shopfronts, they provide a comprehensive range of products through a user-friendly online presence, focusing on the real workers in the plumbing industry. Their dedication to offering high-quality products and personalized service has led to rapid and consistent growth, setting new standards in the industry.


Why Odoo?

Odoo was the solution of choose to address a combination of obstacles.

Moving Away from Legacy Systems

Forge was previously tethered to an outdated and costly legacy system, which was not only expensive to upgrade and maintain but also limited in its capabilities. This system restricted their ability to adapt to changing market demands and would dampen their continued innovation resulting in better products and services to their customers.

Seeking Flexibility and Custom Solutions

Understanding the need for a more adaptable and scalable solution, Forge sought a platform that could offer the flexibility required to develop custom solutions tailored to their customer’s needs. They needed a system that could not only keep up with their forward-thinking approach but also enhance it.

Embracing Innovation with Odoo

Odoo was the platform of choice for Forge, starting with a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of applications and offering the perfect blend of flexibility, scalability, and reliability. This choice reflected their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and maintaining a competitive edge through the creation of custom features essential for Forge’s service model.

Forge Plumbing Warehouse

Implementation Results

A Rewarding & Successful Journey

Bringing Odoo to Forge Plumbing stands out proudly as one of our most significant achievements.

The company’s commendable high standards for their customers and leading innovative approach necessitated extensive customization and development which aligned with the power of Odoo’s flexibility and adaptability.

Customizations and Innovations Forge’s implementation featured the most customizations and developments of any project to date.
This endeavour led to remarkable results, leveraging the full potential of Odoo and setting Forge apart from its competitors.

Advanced B2B Portal and Website Redesign

A significant achievement was the development of a custom B2B portal, which revolutionized how Forge interacts with its business clients. Alongside this, the front-end website underwent a comprehensive redesign, enhancing user experience and functionality through a range of new features with many more planned and on the way.

Enhanced Backend Systems and Workflows

Improvements were not just limited to customer-facing elements. The backend systems and workflows were also refined, leading to increased communication, productivity by streamlining the old processes with new ones by adding Odoo’s new features and functionality.

Integration with Ventor for Superior Warehouse Management
Another critical aspect was the integration with Ventor, significantly enhancing warehouse management capabilities. This integration streamlined operations and improved the accuracy of inventory management.

Integration with MachShip

A key feature of Forge’s Odoo implementation was the integration with MachShip, a versatile shipping connector. This integration allows Forge to seamlessly connect with multiple carriers, choose optimal shipping routes, and access real-time pricing via the MachShip API directly within the Odoo inventory application.

This has revolutionized their dispatching process, enabling efficient and cost-effective logistics management. Future Expansion Encouraged by the success of the Odoo implementation, Forge is now planning to expand its reach across Australia. This expansion includes adding a new 3PL warehouse, further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.


The Odoo implementation for Forge Plumbing stands as a testament to the power of an adaptable and innovative ERP solution in transforming business operations for the better. The project not only fulfilled the needs of Forge but also set a foundation for continued growth and success in the competitive landscape of plumbing supplies in Australia.

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