Odoo Case Study

Company Name: Chemical House – Australia
Date: Jan 2018
Website: https://chemicalhouse.com.au

Industry: Industrial Chemical Manufacturing
Apps Implemented: Sales, Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchases, PLM, Website
Number of Users: 19 Users

Implemented By: Odoo SA

About Chemical House

We are a family owned, specialist manufacturer of quality Australian made chemicals. Our highly experienced team members are a well trained group of passionate people whose goal is to formulate great products to provide ideal solutions for our customers.
We have the ability to formulate to your specification on site and produce a wide range of chemicals for the Construction, Water Treatment, Janitorial and Automotive industries.
With a fully equipped laboratory and three onsite industrial chemists, we maintain an extremely high level of quality control every batch. Toll Manufacturing for multiple partners in a diverse range of industries we also have the facilities and resources to formulate just about any product for any market.
From our house to yours…
Some of our trade marks and well respected brands include:

Brickies Mate, Surface Cure, Armadillo, Concreter’s Mate, Cinderella and Bubsafe.

Why Odoo?

Chemical House was equipped with an old ERP system incorporating a powerful manufacturing module 2 years ago, but it had a very unfavorable textual user interface and complicated processing mechanism.

Every time new employees joined the company, a vast amount of time was spent on training in order to get them acquainted with the system. In case the IT Specialists were on vacation, trouble was around the corner. 

Furthermore, their old system was hosted locally and very expensive to maintain, and in addition, it was not accessible outside the network. This meant that they could not email clients, nor could they interact with bank accounts. Moreover, their CRM was a completely separated, locally hosted system.

Chemical  House was in need of an easy-to-learn solution, and they preferred a cloud-based software (SaaS) with remote accessibility that would fit most of their needs, while still being an “out-of-the-box” solution. 

Previous to implementing Odoo, Chemical House thoroughly researched different business applications and found that the majority of them cost at least AUS $100k to install. Moreover, extra fees were incurred for customization of that software in order to best fit their business operation. This substantial cost was not something they’d included in their budget. 

Implementation Results

The transformation was stunning, and the changes observed with the use of Odoo are greatly beneficial to the business. On an operational basis, the following key points are highly praised and appreciated by Chemical House:

Odoo being esasy-to-use event with minimal training for basic processes (raise order, fill order). Employees who don’t have an IT or computer background or expertise can quickly learn how to navigate the system.  


Odoo is cloud based and all our data is hosted in the cloud, it’s still fast! So fast that a salesperson can even prepare a quote on the read! Thereafter, someone from Accounting can log in and finish the processing of invoices from home. Even if a computer crashes, all that’s needed is to boot up the spare and everything is up and running again in 60 seconds.

Company House needed something more powerful than the basic accounting packages offered on the market, but they weren’t able to justify the outrages prices of software such as MS Dynamics. Odoo obviously strikes a balance between cost and robustness.  

Chemical House has reduced their administration headcount by one person after implementing Odoo. 

Following the implementation and launch of the system, printing and scanning invoices to customers, as well as purchasing orders to customers, was fully automated by Odoo! 

Chemical House foresees that a roadmap can be drawn to further improvement as they continue to expand the usage and reliance on other Odoo modules.

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